Sol Fire is a rock group formed in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are known for their unique sound that merges rock with pop, r&b and latin influences.


The band is led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Amado Abeyta and his brother guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Buddy Abeyta. The concept of brothers collaborating in a rock band is far from new and hardly overlooked in the music industry. Oasis, Van Halen, The Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys are a small example of how a fraternal connection can produce success in music. The Abeyta brothers of Sol Fire are no exception.


Beginning their musical careers at an early age, the brothers formed Sol Fire in 2002. Two years later they entered the studio and released their debut album, “Self Titled.” Since then, Sol Fire has become a house-hold name in Santa Fe and New Mexico. And in the summer of 2006 Sol Fire released their second studio album, “Third Floor Serenade.” The buzz around the their second release took Sol Fire to new heights in the New Mexico music scene. One recent accomplishments portraying their new popularity came in the summer of 2006 when Sol Fire was chosen as only one of three bands to be showcased in the New Mexico Lottery Powerball commercials and ad campaigns. They were also the only band chosen to produce two commercials, one in English and one in Spanish, proving that their music can reach a diverse audience. Then, in 2007, their original song, “She’s Got,” was chosen for the national compilation album “The After After Party” sponsored by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Sol Fire also co-wrote and produced a new song for a commercial for United Way of Central New Mexico and their song, "I Don't Like," was used in a City of Santa Fe water conservation commercial.


Sol Fire has also been honored with many other great opportunities, including opening for Ozomatli, English Beat (who are some of the brother’s personal heroes), Yerba Buena, The Iguanas, Groupo Fantasma, Quetzal and Los Lobos. Ten days before the 2008 election, Sol Fire sang the National Anthem and performed an acoustic set before George Lopez and then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama spoke at a rally in Albuquerque, NM with 45,000 in attendance. In the summer of 2007, Sol Fire shared the main stage of the Santa Fe Muzik Festival with Everclear, Blues Traveler, Blue October and War. Also that summer, they played the after party for The Fray at the Albuquerque Journal Pavilion. They have opened for Latin Kings of Comedy’s Paul Rodriguez at the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque, NM and also for President Bill Clinton during his democratic campaign trail. In early 2006 they were asked to play for Jessica Simpson and her family at Governor Bill Richardson’s home. Their original sound has taken the band to a variety of venues, such as performing the National Anthem at the University of New Mexico Pit and Tingley Coliseum, headlining the Santa Fe Fiestas street dance, and headlining the burning of Zozobra multiple times with crowds of 20,000 plus. They have also played at the Sandia Casino, The 2007 Hyperactive Music Festival (”I Don’t Like,” the first song on their second album, was chosen for the festival’s compilation cd), Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, The John Steinbeck Center & California State University in Monterey, California, Civic Plaza, Legend’s Theatre, the International Balloon Fiesta and The New Mexico State Fair.


Being able to share their music with so many different people has been Sol Fire’s greatest honor. Their musical influences include The Beatles, Oasis, Stevie Wonder, Mána, Prince, English Beat and Terrence Trent D’arby (in which they cover one of his songs on “Third Floor Serenade”). And through the success that they have gained in New Mexico, the brothers of Sol Fire have proven their dedication to their music by self producing both of their albums and by managing themselves throughout their career. It is with this drive that Sol Fire and their music continue to grow.